Road works, excavation, construction and other types of works

EKOKAN Sp. z o.o. offers services including road works, excavation, demolition of buildings, construction of boiler houses, central heating systems, construction of sealed loading and unloading platforms, repairs and sealing of concrete structures and complex engineering and earthworks (for example pedestrian subways).
We offer all-inclusive road and manoeuvring area construction (substructures, drains, underground bore holes, road paving, site levelling, construction of barriers, acoustic screens, putting up road signs and tree planting).
The company has wide range of proprietary equipment that includes bucket excavators, loaders, bulldozers, compactors, levelling machines, road rollers, tipper trucks, tractors, delivery vehicles, modern welding machines, extruders, wellpoint pumps, servo-motors, mobile power generators and a unit for restoration of underground pipelines.
EKOKAN performs excavation work and complex engineering earthwork using its own proven technology that allows boring holes and tunnels from 100 to 2000 mm in diameter under roads, railroads, flyovers and buildings with no need to demolish the existing surface structures. This saves time and prevents damage to surface structures and above-ground facilities.
We also perform the following works :
- Demolition of buildings,
- Sealed loading and unloading platforms for hazardous materials,
- Construction of boiler houses and central heating interchanges,
- Repairs and sealing of concrete structures, walls, preservation and repairs of damaged concrete structures, walls, joints, sealing of masonry walls, drainage systems, drinking water reservoirs, cellars, foundation plates, elevator shafts and others,
- Other environment protection works.