Repairs of underground pipelines in trenchless technologies.

EKOKAN Sp. z o.o. offers services including construction and modernization of technological process systems, as well as gas, heating water/steam, water and sewage pipelines.
We can repair pipelines using both the resin liner method and the short or long relining method.
The first of these methods involves insertion of a suitable liner into the pipeline being restored and curing it while slightly reducing the pipe’s internal diameter. This chemically resistant filling, having no shrinkage, creates new lining closely adhereing to the old one. Old lining can be wet during application of the liner. This technology has a number of advantages:
- It may increase the pipe’s strength and resistance,
- Improves flow capacity,
- Capacity to repair sewage pipes with axial displacement of the „old” pipe,
- Liner of any thickness can be applied,
- Restoration of pipeline section ranging from 310 to 600 m in length (depending on the liner cross-section and type),
- Appropriate for diameters ranging from 100 to 1200 mm and application in non-circular cross-sections.

The speed of application is of great advantage in this technology – the liner is introduced at a rate of 1-3m/min.
We can also restore pipelines by relining them with new pipes of smaller diameter, which are inserted inside. The relining can be done on short or long section (the pipes are first welded or surface pressure welded).
Prior to and after the restoration we inspect the sewage drains, water transport and gas pipelines starting with pipe diameter DN 100 and we are able to provide the customer with a video recording of such inspection. This is how we can detect cracked pipe walls, bad connections, leaks, impurities and also inspect the pipeline after repairs and restoration.
Using our own high pressure equipment and proven proprietary technology we can clean water pipelines and sewage systems ranging from 100 to 2000 mm in diameter prior to restoration work.
When performing pipeline restoration by means of the resin liner method, we use materials supplied by the leading world manufacturers, using our own curing equipment.