Construction and modernization of underground piping systems with an application of traditional methods.

EKOKAN Sp. z o.o. offers services including construction and modernization of technological process systems, as well as gas, heating water/steam, water and sewage pipelines.
Machines at our disposal, in conjunction with applicable methods and technology, as required, allow use of various materials such as: PE, PVC, polypropylene, steel, cast iron, and pre-insulated central heating pipelines.
The company has wide range of proprietary equipment that includes bucket excavators, loaders, bulldozers, compactors, levelling machines, road rollers, tipper trucks, tractors, delivery vehicles, modern welding machines, extruders, wellpoint pumps, servo-motors, mobile power generators and a unit for restoration of underground pipelines.
EKOKAN has its own proven technology that allows boring holes and tunnels from 100 to 2000 mm in diameter under roads, railroads, flyovers and buildings with no need to demolish the existing surface structures. This saves time and prevents damage to surface structures and above-ground facilities.
We also offer technical inspection services for sewage drain, water transport and gas pipelines starting with pipe diameter DN 100 and we are able to provide the customer with a video recording of the inspection. This is how we can detect cracked pipe walls, bad connections, leaks, impurities and also inspect the pipeline after repairs and restoration.
Using our own high pressure equipment and proven proprietary technology we clean water pipelines and sewage systems ranging from 100 to 2000 mm in diameter.
EKOKAN has at its disposal a team of highly qualified technicians and engineers including experienced machine operators and welders.