EKOKAN Sp. z o.o. was established in 1996. From the very beginning of its operation, the company focused on the high quality of provided services through proper work organisation, reliability, working to deadlines and the use of latest technologies and top quality materials. Thanks to close cooperation with research centres, the company has access to the latest technological advances and solutions. EKOKAN’s areas of specialty:

  1. Construction and upgrades to underground piping systems with the application of traditional methods : 
    • construction of technological process systems, as well as gas, heating water/steam, water and sewage pipelines, using materials include PE, PVC, polypropylene, steel, cast iron, and pre-insulated central heating pipelines,
    • Repairs and retrofitting of technological process systems,
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  2. Repairs of underground pipelines without excavation:
    • Rehabilitation of pipelines using the resin impregnated liner as well as short or long relining and burstlining methods,
    • Complex engineering and earthwork, including underground boreholes (using proven proprietary technology) 100 to 2000 mm in diameter with no-dig technology and without demolishing of the existing roads, railroads, flyovers and buildings,
    • Technical inspection (video recording of gas, sewage and technological process pipelines and provision of technical description),
    • Cleaning of water pipelines, sewage systems 100 to 2000 mm in diameter using proven proprietary technology,
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  3. Construction and retrofitting of gas pipelines and pumping stations: 
    • All-inclusive construction of gas pipelines and systems,
    • Low, medium and high pressure pipelines,
    • Attestation by PGNiG („verified list of qualified suppliers of products and providers of services and construction work for investment and repair projects”),
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  4. Road construction, construction work and excavation:

    • All-inclusive road and manoeuvring area construction (substructures, drains, underground bore holes, road paving, site levelling),
    • Excavation and complex engineering earthwork,
    • Demolition of buildings,
    • Construction of boiler houses and central heating interchanges,
    • Construction of sealed loading and unloading platforms for hazardous materials using polyethylene and concrete with polyurethane admixtures,
    • Repairs and sealing of concrete structures, walls, preservation and repairs of damaged concrete structures, walls, joints, sealing of masonry walls, drainage systems, drinking water reservoirs, cellars, foundation plates, elevator shafts and others,
    • Other environment protection works,
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High quality of provided services is confirmed by an ISO 9001:2000 certificate issued by TUV Management Service GmbH, UDT CERT covering the following :
- construction of sanitary and gas systems, construction of pipeline systems in industrial facilities,
Also many years of cooperation with local industry including Zaklady Azotowe w Tarnowie – Moscicach S.A. (nitrogen works), Fabryka Silnikow Elektrycznych „Tamel” S.A. (electrical motors factory), Carlsberg OKOCIM S.A. (brewery) speak well for the services quality.

We are certified by Office of Technical Inspection to perform the following works :
- construction of transmission pipelines,
- repair of transmission and technological process pipelines,
- restoration of transmission and technological process pipelines,
- attestation by PGNiG.
Procedures of welding are approved by UDT Cert to PN EN ISO 729-2 requirements.

EKOKAN Sp. z o.o. has at its disposal experienced and dedicate team of professional and proprietary equipment to perform all works. The company holds all necessary approvals and legal documents.